Thursday, 28 January 2016


Isn't it amazing how just shutting 2 lanes on the QE2 bridge can cause the kind of gridlock we're experiencing in Thurrock this afternoon.

My Human has reported that it took over 2 hours to travel from West Thurrock to South Ockendon - a journey that takes around fifteen minutes on a normal day.

This is what he told me...

Most of the hold ups are caused by moronic drivers blocking entrances and exits to and from side roads and roundabouts and the perennial lane-jumpers who think that by continually changing lanes they can get home a few seconds earlier.

Then you get the arsehole who uses his vehicle to block both lanes as he is terrified that someone will overtake.

What we need is a squad of people in bright yellow coats directing the traffic at the various junctions to maintain a steady flow. Maybe we can use the many Community Support Officers who would love a chance to exercise some real power over the general public instead of having to explain that there is really nothing they can do and you'll have to wait for a real policeman to arrive.

I lost count of the number of cars that u-turned in a futile attempt to find a quicker way.

Finally arrived home and made Plan B arrangements to get to the Theatre in Grays tonight with the parents for a much-needed night out. Abandoned any idea of getting there by car and worked out that we could get there by train....only snag, all roads to the station were blocked and after moving 500 yards in 20 minutes, Plan B was also abandoned.

If only they could build an extra crossing over the Thames to alleviate the congestion on the QE2. That'll be nice.

Can we start this week again as so far it's been a 'mare

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