Sunday, 10 January 2016

Facebook - A Cat's Best Friend....Not!

For the last year I've had my very own profile on Facebook. It has given me a platform to keep all of my friends and followers up-to-date with my eagerly awaited news and views and through it I've made a whole load of new friends.

However...Facebook have seen fit to rule that as I'm not a 'real' human, then I'm not eligible to have my own profile and I need to 'belong' to someone.

Thankfully one of the Humans that lives in my house has agreed to technically 'own' me for the purpose of getting around the draconian Facebook regulations. The downside is that I'm now classified as a 'pet' which as you all know is exactly the reverse of the Cat/Human relationship :-)

So, Mark Zukerberg and all the faceless minions at Facebook, I hope you're pleased with yourselves that what the majority of right-minded people regard as just a bit of fun needs to be clamped down on whilst crime levels continue to soar and all over the developing world people continue to live in poor conditions and are slowly starving to death.

How about investing some of your fortune, that you'll never spend in 9 lifetimes (Cat Pun Alert) in solving some of the real problems in the world and let this cat continue entertaining the lovely people who use your product for very commendable uses.

Cats have feelings too...

Monty Catt

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